CERN Globe, Geneva, SwitzerlandI have been living in Switzerland for the past 13 years. This summer, I decided to visit some new architectural landmarks instead of the typical ones. By no means a completed project, here are some modern architectural landmarks from the french speaking part of Switzerland.
West Lake, Hangzhou, ChinaFull of contrast, China is a fantastic travel experience. From rural backgrounds to high-tech skyscrapers, one can find anything in the vast Chinese territory. Only scratching the surface, this blog post introduces a few travel destinations which might enchant you.
Orion Nebula - M42A new gallery has been added: Astro-photography. New images in Switzerland gallery.
I have the pleasure of announcing my first photography exhibition soon to start on EPFL campus (Lausanne, Switzerland). From 21st September until 29th October a selection of about 16 of my photographs printed on canvas will be displayed at the ELA Cafeteria (read details for access information). The title of the exposition is “Magic Hour”, an expression used by outdoor photographers to refer to a specific time of the day: shortly before and after the sunset or sunrise.
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