"Magic Hour" - Photography exhibition - 21.09 to 29.10.2010 - Lausanne, Switzerland

Poster Exposition

Dear internet surfer,

I have the pleasure of announcing my first photography exhibition soon to start on EPFL campus (Lausanne, Switzerland). From 21st September until 29th October a selection of about 16 of my photographs printed on canvas will be displayed at the ELA Cafeteria in EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. To find ELA Cafeteria follow http://plan.epfl.ch and search for room ELA010.

The title of the exposition is “Magic Hour”, an expression used by outdoor photographers to refer to a specific time of the day: shortly before and after the sunset or the sunrise.

The photographs will be printed and mounted on canvas at a dimension of 90x60cm. Although all of the images are already on the site, I will reveal the complete list of prints selected for the exposition a few days before the start.

The artist reception will take place on Thursday, 23rd of September from 18h00 to 20h00. Everyone is welcomed, but I would kindly ask you to let me know of your intention for logistic reasons. Please use the contact form for such a notice.

UPDATE: Download print list and prices here! Browse on-line the selection here.

UPDATE2: The exposition is finished. Thank you all for purchasing my photographs and/or visiting the exposition. For those still interested, prints can be ordered using the contact form.

Kind regards,
Bogdan LAZAR

Instagram: bogdan.lazar.3