A new gallery has been added: Astro-photography. New images in Switzerland gallery.
I have the pleasure of announcing my first photography exhibition soon to start on EPFL campus (Lausanne, Switzerland). From 21st September until 29th October a selection of about 16 of my photographs printed on canvas will be displayed at the ELA Cafeteria (read details for access information). The title of the exposition is “Magic Hour”, an expression used by outdoor photographers to refer to a specific time of the day: shortly before and after the sunset or sunrise.
Today, 1st of September 2009, my new personal web-site dedicated to photography is on-line. The old pages (in Romanian language) have been moved to http://personal.bogdanlazar.ro. The current content comprises 92 photos, 6 galleries and 3 log entries.
The new web-site is on-line
Idea Leuconoe MacroI am aproaching a new field: the macro photography with my newly aquiered lens Canon EF-S 60mm/f2.8 USM Macro (an entry level macro lens).