The new web-site is on-line

The new web-site is on-line

Starting today, 1st of September 2009, the new version of bogdanlazar.ro is on-line. This is the result of almost one year of development: a clean photography oriented public area and a private administration area for management of images and content. The old personal page (in Romanian language) has been moved to a sub-domain: personal.bogdanlazar.ro.

Summarizing the content comprises 92 photos, 6 galleries and 3 log entries. The whole content is aviable in 2 languages (English and Romanian), but more languages could be added in the near future. The content can be easily updated and enriched from the private administrative section, the current public area being only the begining...

Minor technical gliches and spelling error can occur. As we are strive to fix the one we spot as soon as possible, I would also like to ask you, the reader to submit using the contact form any problem you might encounter or any suggestion you might have.

I would like to thank Mădălin Grigore from Alopia for developing this project which proved to be much complex than initially anticipated.

Please enjoy!
Bogdan Lazar

Instagram: bogdan.lazar.3